MWDL 2019 Summer Post-Conference Reflections

The MWDL Summer 2019 Conference took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the J. Willard Marriott Library on June 6-7, 2019, consisting of the Hubs meeting on June 6th, followed by the Community Day event on June 7th.  MWDL was happy to host a broad representation from within the hub network and as well as from the local community!

June 6th, Hubs Meeting

This meeting, held annually, provides an opportunity for MWDL’s hosting hubs to work towards realizing the collaborative vision of maximizing public access and connecting people with digitized primary source materials.

June 7th, Community Day

This event brought people together from the hub network and the local community that have a common interest in research, history, and genealogy. The goal of this annual meeting is to provide the MWDL extended network and community an opportunity to participate in and learn about best practices, challenges, and workflows for digitization and preservation, and the impact of this work on the community at large, as well as on a national scale. The day opened with a live stream from DPLA featuring John Bracken and Michael Della Bitta, focusing on the DPLA infrastructure, strategic plan, and plans for future projects and engagements.

The overall theme for this year’s conference was ‘content reuse,’ referring to the wealth of possibilities and explorations available to digital librarians and humanists as they look at innovative ways in which to use and repurpose digital collections and data. You can explore the full program and list of sessions here.  With content from everything on digitization best practices, digital library systems infrastructure, content reuse, copyright, and primers on beautifully curated collections and exhibits, MWDL provided a right blend for anyone interested in collaborating, sharing, building, learning about, and exploring innovations in the domain of digital libraries.