Enhancing Digital Collections through Interactive Web Platforms

Bryan Hull, Carmin Smoot, and Sy Maesta, Eccles Health Sciences Library


This presentation covers three projects at Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library including talks by Bryan Hull (Program Manager), Carmin Smoot (Publishing Coordinator), and Sy Maestas (Publishing Coordinator).


As a Digital Publishing Coordinator at the Eccles Health Sciences Library, I archive, digitize, and assist in cataloging materials belonging to the Eccles Health Sciences Library. These include both born-digital and analog materials documenting major figures and events relative to the history of the health sciences at the University of Utah, records and faculty papers, and medical research from a variety of partners. My role also involves applying metadata, promoting collection materials published by EHSL, and providing digital library services to patrons. I am passionate about digital collections, digital preservation, archives, and promoting outreach that communicates the importance of digital collections work in libraries today.