MWDL Outreach Activity Report 2017-2018

Catherine McIntyre


This report summarizes the conferences where MWDL volunteers have engaged with attendees to promote the MWDL.  Statistics of interactions and volunteers’ names are also reported. Additional activities are emphasized, such as encouraging MWDL hubs and partners to engage the MWDL staff for help in writing blogs, featuring collection photos, and creating audio or video clips, all of which can be shared on social media outlets to promote collections.


Catherine McIntyre has served as a librarian, and later as the archivist and digitization librarian, at Utah Valley University since 1997.  In 2004, she established the first official archives for the school, and in 2006 she started the digitization program, thus becoming involved with the Mountain West Digital Library and the Outreach Task Force.

She has a BA in History from the University of Utah, and a MLIS from Brigham Young University.