Early People of Utah

Ute Dwellings: Encampment- Sai-ar’s tipi. Ute Indians.
Photo by Hillers, of the Powell Expedition, 1873 and/or 1874. Credit to Smithsonian Office of Anthropology, Neg. no. 1545®. Used in “The Peoples of Utah,” 1976

The Native people of Utah have lived here since time immemorial.  They learned how to harvest their environment and developed complex trading networks throughout the western region. The archaic tribes of Utah were the Anasazi and Fremont Cultures.   Early native people left behind artwork and artifacts that help social scientists better understand their culture. The historic tribes of Utah are the Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Shoshone and Ute.  Each tribe continues to provide to Utah’s cultural heritage.

Petroglyphs – White Canyon Utah

Petroglyphs – Vernal Utah

Petroglyphs – Dry Fork, Utah