Early People of Utah

Ute Dwellings: Encampment- Sai-ar’s tipi. Ute Indians.
Photo by Hillers, of the Powell Expedition, 1873 and/or 1874. Credit to Smithsonian Office of Anthropology, Neg. no. 1545®. Used in “The Peoples of Utah,” 1976

The Native people of Utah have lived here since time immemorial.  They learned how to harvest their environment and developed complex trading networks throughout the western region. The archaic tribes of Utah were the Anasazi and Fremont Cultures.   Early native people left behind artwork and artifacts that help social scientists better understand their culture. The historic tribes of Utah are the Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Shoshone and Ute.  Each tribe continues to provide to Utah’s cultural heritage.

Cliff Dwellings

Poncho house–Cliff dwellings in southeastern Utah. Gift of Norman Nevills, Mexican Hat, Utah. Photo by: Phillip W. Tompkins.

Petroglyphs – White Canyon Utah

Petroglyphs – Vernal Utah

Petroglyphs – Dry Fork, Utah

Bill of goods dated May 17, 1860

Bill of goods, specifically guns and ammunition for Goshute and Shoshone Indians

Pia Toya: A Goshute Indian Legend

Retells the story of the creation of the Deep Creek Mountains by Mother Hawk after Coyote steals her breakfast

The Changing Navajo Reservation

A map depicting the various boundaries of the Navajo Indian Reservations in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico

Navajo Handcrafts

Navajo Indian sand painting actually shows a Yei rug

Paiute Wickiups

Paiute Dwellings

Treaty with the Shoshoni-Goship 1863

Indian Affairs. Laws and Treaties

Bill of goods dated May 17, 1860

Bill of goods, specifically guns and ammunition for Goshute and Shoshone Indians

United State’s Government Treaty with the Northwestern Band of Shoshone, July 13, 1863

Copy of original treaty with amendments added by the U.S. Senate.

Shoshone Indians-Washakie Reservation

Near Malad, Idaho. The reservation was set up by the Mormon Church. Schoolhouse at Washakie. Donor & Photog: Charles Kelly.

Uintah Indian Reservation and the Three Band Divisions 1903

Map of the Uintah Indian Reservation in 1903. Includes the three seperate Band divisions and the larger tribal lands

Wilbur Cuch, France McKinley and Rudolph Nephi, Ft. Duschene, Utah

Photo showing Wilbur Cuch, France McKinley, and Rudolph Nephi working on land status maps for the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Fort Duchesne, Utah

Treaty with the Ute Indians, March 2, 1868

Ute Treaty, 1868

Whiteriver Ute Indians Census Summary dated 1915

This document provides an account of the demographics of the White River Indians, including ages, names, and gender

Letter to Southern Ute Agent from John H. Bawman dated August 26, 1884

A Navajo agent asks the Southern Ute agent to prevent Utes from entering the borders of the Navajo reservation