State of Utah (1896-1930)

The 20th century brought closer ties to the larger United States as communication networks continued to grow throughout the West. Immigration continued to increase the size of the population.  Concern for Utah workers came as a result of economic growth for industries in Utah. World War 1 and the Great Depression affected Utah in varying degrees.

Women’s baseball team, 1898

Joe Hill Case Records

Funeral oration

Protests against the Execution and/or Conviction of Joe Hill; A: July, Sept. 1914; Aug.-Sept. 1915

Joseph Hillstrom Correspondence

Joe Hill Correspondence

Our child-labor problem

It is the purpose of this paper to investigate in a very modest way the status of Utah in regard to the child-labor question, and to ascertain what, if any, are Utah’s peculiar temptations to the exploitation of children’s labor. Special attention will be paid to conditions in Salt Lake City, since the writer was … Continue reading Our child-labor problem

Street Car Strike

Image shows a large group of street car strikers posing for a photo in front of the Labor Hall.


 Uidentified child, probably at Castle Gate. Finlander–9 years old. He worked in the Castle Gate Mine near the turn of the century. He carried explosives and searched for “Bad Air” and cleaned entries from animal debris and loose coal.

Airplane Accident

People gather to watch and experiment of an early airplane flying, it concluded in an accident.


Early airplane.

Cans of “C” rations

Representing an everyday soldier’s life, the two daily cans of “C” rations.

World War I

Army Air Corps planes over San Antonio, TX in training for WWI combat. Lt. J.J. Williams, son of Dr. & Mrs. J.W. Williams of Moab, is flying one of them. Mitch Williams Collection, Dan O’Laurie Museum, Moab. UHQ Winter 1995.

Prisoner of War Camp

German P.O.W. at mess hall during their stay at Fort Douglas. Aug. 27, 1917. Shipler #18168. (W.W.I)

Tribune-Telegram Headlines (WWI)

BYU flapper-coeds at the Provo railroad station, 1920s

H-373. These vivacious BYU flapper-coeds if the 1920s were the official greeting committee at the Provo railroad station. At registration time they and other student groups welcomed the arriving BYU students, large numbers of whom traveled by train in those days. The practice started among Sanpete County students, but soon spread to other incoming students. … Continue reading BYU flapper-coeds at the Provo railroad station, 1920s

Cartoon inspired by the controversy over a Provo ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcohol, 1909

This cartoon was inspired by the controversy that raged over a local Provo ordinance prohibiting the sale of liquor in 1909, ten years before the Volstead Act implemented the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages. On the near side of the street are the red-nosed “wets” standing among beer … Continue reading Cartoon inspired by the controversy over a Provo ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcohol, 1909

Prohibition Bill

Women’s Prohibition Parade; Glendale, Kane County, Utah

Utah History Blazer article about the Ku Klux Klan

Miscellaneous Letters to John Morgan, 1877-1878

Letters to John Morgan: [1] Letter dated 19 July 1878 at Salt Lake City, Utah, from John Taylor to John Morgan at Rome, Georgia; [2] Letter dated 12 December 1877 at Salt Lake City, Utah, from Wilford Woodruff to John Morgan at Manassa, Colorado; [3] Letter (undated) addressed to “Elder Morgan,” signed KKK, conveying a … Continue reading Miscellaneous Letters to John Morgan, 1877-1878

Salt Lake Theatre, “Birth of a Nation”

Image shows a group of people, two of whom are in Ku Klux Klan costumes, posing for a photograph outside the Salt Lake Theater. They are advertising for a showing of the first moving picture, “Birth of a Nation.”

C.C.C. Camp; Antelope Springs camp

Antelope Springs Civilian Conservation Corps camp. Part of the New Deal legislation by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Provided training and work for men during the Great Depression from 1933-1942

Washington Cotton Mill

Western Venture Corporation

The Western Venture Corp, an oil company incorporated under the laws of Nevada, had their main office in Reno with a branch in Vernal and Los Angeles. They purchased the Border Oil Company who was operating in Uintah County. The Western Venture corporation had holdings in Uintah and Duchesne Counties and drilled several oil wells … Continue reading Western Venture Corporation

Jordan Steam Station of 1924, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jordan Power Plant, Salt Lake City, Utah. UP&L Jordan steam-electric plant. It has three units. Older two (with brick stacks) at right.

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company bills, June 1 – October 1, 1918

Jordan Power Plant (Jordan Steam Station) generator, Utah Light and Railway Company, Salt Lake City

Jordan Power Plant generator, Salt Lake City, Utah. Reverse of photograph: Cutlines (E. M. Naughton) – #3 – This 8,000 kilowatt Jordan generator driven by a steam turbine, operated at 215 pounds of pressure and 600 degrees temperature, was modern for the times. It produced a kilowatt-hour of electricity from two and one-half pounds of … Continue reading Jordan Power Plant (Jordan Steam Station) generator, Utah Light and Railway Company, Salt Lake City

Telephone Operator

Louise Atwood at work as a telephone switchboard operator. The switchboard was housed on the second floor of the Ashley Co-op building, located on the northwest corner of the Vernal Avenue and Main Street intersection.