State of Utah (1930-1950)

By the 1940s, Utah was clearly intertwined with the events of WWII.  Daily life was affected by the larger war effort as Utahns contributed men, women, and resources for the larger war effort. Japanese-Americans were relocated to Topaz, Utah.

World War II Women Workers

Women workers during World War II. Salt Lake Tribune.

USS Salt Lake City Video of USS Salt Lake City

Memorial address, Dec. 3, 1944, Topaz Relocation Center

Memorial address given December 3, 1944 by Masaru Narahara for 10 Japanese American soldiers who died in action. Narahara, chairman of the Community Council at the Topaz Relocation Center where the address was given, paid honor to the memory of 10 soldiers who had lived as residents of the Center prior to enlisting. “We honor … Continue reading Memorial address, Dec. 3, 1944, Topaz Relocation Center

Trains Arriving

Japanese-Americans arrive at Tanforan Race Track in California, a relocation center. Many of the Japanese-Americans at Tanforan would be relocated to Topaz Relocation Center

Topaz Barracks

Arriving at Topaz

Japanese-Americans outside train on arrival at Topaz, Utah.

World War II-Victory Gardens

Victory canning during WW II. Working in Victory Garden, Aug., 1943. Salt Lake Trib. #14342.

World War II-Bond Drive

World War II war bonds drive, Gen. Motors group, Aug. 11, 1942. Shipler Comm. Photog. #34761. 358 Rio Grande, SLC.

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