State of Utah (1950-1980)

As the Cold War grew, so did Utah’s involvement in world events. While Utah’s communication networks expanded, Utah also played key roles in military and space programs. The population of Utah grew with immigrants from different parts of the world.  Like the rest of the nation, Utah also had to reflect on the issue of Civil Rights and how it affected all of its citizens.

End to segregation in South Africa

Image of signs, protests and displays put together by the SAA group on the University of Utah campus during political activity of the worldwide community to put an end to segregation in South Africa.

Automobile adapted by students Roger Billings and Dennis Larsen to run on hydrogen, May 18, 1972

On May 18, 1972, BYU students Roger Billings (wearing tie) and Dennis Larsen (right) adapted an automobile to run on hydrogen and demonstrated it on a campus parking lot. That year they won the clean-air contest of the National Urban Vehicle Design Competition in Detroit, far exceeding federal standards.

Driver Education

Black and white photograph of a driver’s education class at Utah Trade Technical Institute at Provo. There are several students seated at the Aetna Drivotrainer modules. The instructor is Lynn Asay, standing in the background next to a student in the front of the classroom.