Trappers & Mountain Men

Later European and American explorers and mountain men used Utah’s plentiful natural resources to create economic networks throughout the West.

Fur Traders’ Route (Peter Skene Ogden)

Peter Skene Ogden’s Fur Trappers route. Peter Skene Ogden’s map of the Great Salt Lake and the Snake River country. It also shows Ogden’s route of 1828-29, the year he discovered the Humboldt River of Nevada. The Great Salt Lake and Bear River can be seen at the lower right-hand corner if you put the … Continue reading Fur Traders’ Route (Peter Skene Ogden)

Trappers and Traders in Ute Lands 1820-1844

Map depicting the forts in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah; also shows the trails taken by Ogden, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Old Spanish Trail