Metadata Application Profile (V3)

This is a draft of the Mountain West Digital Library Metadata Application Profile (V3).

Element Namedate
DC DefinitionA point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource.
Is Field Required?Yes
Is Field Repeatable?No
How to UseA resource may have several dates associated with it. The date covered by this table refers to creation of the original resource, that is, when the resource was first created, before undergoing any conversion. 
– For resources created in a non-digital format and converted to digital format, use the date the non-digital resource was first created — e.g., for print books, use the publication date of the print book. 
– For resources that have always been in digital format and never converted, use the date the digital resource was created — e.g.,  PDF document uploaded as a PDF document.
– For resources that were first created in one digital format, then converted to another digital format — e.g., audio file recorded in WAV format, then converted to MP3 format — use creation date of the first digital format — e.g., WAV.

Additional types of dates (see refinements) are allowed, though only one date (i.e., date of the original) should be mapped to dcterms:date to prevent confusion in harvesting environments that only use simple DC.
If the date is unknown, specify an estimated date or date range (semicolon separated values).

See General Guidelines for Digital Metadata for more information about types of dates.
Refines/RefinementOther specialized Dublin Core elements can refine date* but are less frequently used. Optionally, these fields may be used in addition to the required date field described above. These include:

– available (date, often a range, that the resource became or will become available)
– dateAccepted (date a thesis or article was accepted for publication)
– dateCopyrighted (date of copyright)
– dateSubmitted (date of submission)
– modified (date when the resource was changed)

Consult DCMI Terms for definitions. 
SchemesW3C Date Time Format profile of ISO 8601 (W3CDTP)
DC Mappingdcterms:date
MARC Mapping260 ## subfield c (Date of publication, distribution, etc).

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