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Western Venture Corporation

The Western Venture Corp, an oil company incorporated under the laws of Nevada, had their main office in Reno with a branch in Vernal and Los Angeles. They purchased the Border Oil Company who was operating in Uintah County. The Western Venture corporation had holdings in Uintah and Duchesne Counties and drilled several oil wells southwest of Vernal. Here company men stand at one of their holdings.

Jordan Power Plant (Jordan Steam Station) generator, Utah Light and Railway Company, Salt Lake City


Jordan Power Plant generator, Salt Lake City, Utah. Reverse of photograph: Cutlines (E. M. Naughton) – #3 – This 8,000 kilowatt Jordan generator driven by a steam turbine, operated at 215 pounds of pressure and 600 degrees temperature, was modern for the times. It produced a kilowatt-hour of electricity from two and one-half pounds of coal.