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Group of Young Ute Men at White Rocks

Multimedia Archives, Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.

American Indians pose for a photo; (3) stand, another sits; One man wears braids, mid-tone round, wide-brimmed cowboy hat with beaded hatband, striped Anglo tie, dark shirt and trousers, polished leather shoes, light colored, early 20th century armbands (left); Doubled-up braids, slightly under-sized, mid-tone round-brimmed, cowboy hat with beaded hatband, mid-tone bandana around his neck, metal hoop earrings, black vest with white button on the right lapel, light shirt with small polka dots, light-colored, beaded armbands, dark trousers, shoes obscured by man sitting in foreground (center); Dark toned, wide-brimmed cowboy hat with multi-toned beaded hatband, mid-tone angle-style tie, white shirt with thin armbands, thick hand-tooled leather bracers on wrists, matching knee-high boots with long, dog-eared bootstraps, pale trousers (bottom center); Thick braids, metal hoop earrings with light-toned embellishments, light-toned, wide-brimmed cowboy hat with bandana/cloth hatband tied on, plaid trousers and matching plaid vest with unidentified object protruding from left breast pocket, white shirt with wrinkled sleeves, rumpled Anglo-style tie, leather belt with metal buckle worn slightly off center, well-worn leather shoes with metal grommet eyelets; Anglo-style buildings, telephone pole, male figure sitting on wooden walkway outside of first building in background (left center); A frilly covered buckboard, a white horse (facing camera) and mid-tone horse (away from camera) are visible in background (right center); lower right corner of the photo torn away.

Ute Indians – White Rocks (1909)

Multimedia Archives, Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.

Ute Indians pose in an open field; an old woman (far left) sits with her head covered with a kerchief , wraps herself in a dark-toned blanket with tangled tassels and wears a checkered garment beneath the blanket; female child (left)wears her hair down, over the shoulders of a dark top with light-toned teardrop-shaped embellishments mid-toned, floral print blanket wrapped around her waist, partially obscured by woman in foreground; man standing (center) wears detailed headdress, spotted bandana, traditional hand-crafted chest armor, white, long-sleeved shirt with dotted print and an American flag, flying atop a flagpole, stitched into both shoulders; wears an ornately woven blanket around his waist and holds a lever-action rifle in his hands; a dog can be seen almost entirely obscured, sitting in the grass behind him; woman standing (right) wears her hair down; light-toned, beaded bib, dark dress with striped sleeves and lower hem; wrapped in mid-toned blanket that features an ornate pattern and tassels; a coil of rope is visible in the ground behind her; small, canvas-covered wagon is also visible in the background (right); horses grazing in the extreme background (upper left third), (center right); hide drying rack at right margin; upper left corners and lower right corners torn away; picture shows some finger-print damage.

Ute Dwellings

Digital Image (c) 2008 Utah State Historical Society. All Rights Reserved.
Digital Image © 2009 Utah State Historical Society. All Rights Reserved.

The photographs show two different Tipis of the Ute tribe. The first image shows a Ute family outside of their dwelling place, and the second image shows a man standing in a tree above his Tipi.