Athlete Development Pathway

Regional Camps

Athlete Development Pathway

Regional Camps

Accessible and attainable to all athletes, aspiring junior cyclists can join a regional camp to improve their skills, receive the same coaching as elite-level athletes, and be identified for further race opportunities.
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USA Cycling’s ADP Regional Camp system strives to provide accessible high-level coaching for athletes nationwide.

USA Cycling emphasizes the holistic education, coaching, and experience that a multi-day camp can provide. Instead of learning by trial-and-error in one-off race scenarios, athletes can receive guidance and instruction from knowledgeable coaches working with direct assessment. With a camp experience, athletes of all abilities will walk away with an accurate understanding of their level (fitness, tactics, skills, etc.), know where to race at the next level, and have opportunities to race internationally.

USA Cycling’s ADP Regional Camps will offer selection opportunities for international races.

USA Cycling’s ADP Regional Camps will be guided by the following curriculum:

  1. Education: Discussions and seminars on multiple topics to improve athletic performance.

  2. Skills: Sessions designed to increase understanding of skills and foster safe methods for improvement.

  3. Training: Solid training and testing protocols to increase fitness.

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